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Balancing Love & Being a Girl Boss

I’ll be the first to tell you that entrepreneurship is hard. Having a healthy relationship is hard. Unfortunately, for many entrepreneurs we suck at balancing the two and by ‘many entrepreneurs’ that includes me. My last relationship didn’t end because of my undying will to be successful, but for the simple reason, it was time to boss up and leave that chicken dinner for the peasants🤭💁🏽‍♀️ Not to say my long nights and refusal to pull my face out of my laptop didn’t drive a wedge between us, but like I said, that wasn’t the reason for our split or even the reason I’m speaking on the guy.

I’ll more so say that, once I moved on into a new relationship I realized that the same problems arose. I realized that maybe my ex wasn’t so much the petty emotionally driven asshole I thought he was. I had to look in the mirror because here I was in a new relationship and still  getting the same complaints about not having time to do the things we once did. Always having my face plopped into my phone or laptop and always being too tired to hang.

Let’s face it, if you’re not handling business then trust and believe someone will🤫😂 Yes, that means people have needs and as much as a person may love you, human nature is, voids need filled and desires need met. Don’t be the one to lose your love to a runner up because you were too busy trying to win.  

Entrepreneurs are not normal. We choose to walk away from stable well-paid jobs for the little or no pay life of a CEO. Although it may start that way, in no way am I saying it will remain a struggle. 

The bottom line is priorities and when you have tunnel vision on a goal, often times your significant other may envy the new relationship you have with your business. That's why it's important to set boundaries and priorities. If you want to keep your love alive then take heed to these three powerful tips.

There's a thin line girl bosses can find themselves sitting on when trying to figure out how to include or maintain a relationship in their daily life as a CEO. Running a business is a lifestyle that consists of 365 days out the year and it neverrrrr turns off. You can't just disconnect for any amount of uncertain time. To be all the way real, you're married to your hustle. Your hustle is your life and you are your hustle. The two can't be separated no matter how much bae swears up and down it can. 

Relationships take a lot of work. Building an empire takes a lot of work. Both require full time commitment and patience. Lets talk about ways that we can balance the two.


 1. Make Your Significant Other #1

Is this you?

You wake up with your phone. You go to sleep with your phone. You wake up throughout the night checking your phone. You text, email, surf the net, post to social media, and you're always making deals no matter where you are and what time of day it is. You never turn your device off, you're never caught slipping without it and it seems like everyone has 24-hour access to you. *Ah-ah-ahem* Yeah, that was me letting out a guilty whisper, so let me say this for the both of us.....


There’s so many things you already miss out on simply because you’re a girl boss. You wouldn’t believe how many people got interviewed on their death-bed or in a nursing home and said they regretted not being present in the moment with their significant other while they were still young and able to do things or while their boo was still alive. When you have the opportunity to be with your boo, disconnect from everything and be present in that moment.

What does that look like?

Next time you’re at home, consider leaving your phone and other devices turned off for a few hours. This means no phone calls, don’t check emails or text messages. Give bae your full attention and tune in to what’s going on with yalls relationship.

Disconnect from the hustle even if it’s planned quality time for an hour or two because baby.... There’s no refund on time.

  1. Disconnect From The World

Disconnecting and being present in the moment brings me to number two. Disconnect and reconnect with bae!

Yes, you’re busy and popping. Yes, your business and clients are constantly pulling at you. You have deadlines to meet, projects to see about and bags to secure. Let’s not forget all the other things you like to do and barely or rarely have time for it.

However, you also know if it weren’t for bae being the support beam behind the scenes, doing whatever it is that they do to help keep things in order, you’d be a mess. Don’t wait until the tension is high and no one wants to talk. Next thing you know, you’re walking through the house wishing the walls would talk to you.

Schedule time for bae at random moments that you can take to get away from your hustle. For starters, try creating one day a week or a few hours during the week where it is just the two of you doing whatever boo wants to do. At other times, go out of your way to make them feel special with a night out on the town that you planned or just watch TV together. Even better than doing things or going places, find out what he or she wants to do with their life and let him know how you may be able to help them fulfill their dreams and goals.

After a long day, give an hour of your time that’s dedicated just to the two of you uninterrupted. Remember to disconnect. This creates intimacy, which can create open and honest communication, which creates trust. It can also give you more freedom to be the girl boss you are because bae will know that despite your demanding schedule, you’ll take care of home first.

             3. Stay Connected by Showing Appreciation & Have Sex Regularly!

When a person is praised and shown appreciation, they tend to do more and go above what is requested of them for those they love on a consistent basis. Praise your boo with words of positivity, with text messages or even little sticky notes. Recognize your significant other for maintaining the house, caring for the kids, handling the bills or simply sticking it out with you on your journey while things aren’t so sweet. A pat on the back goes a long way, because most men just want to feel appreciated.

And what better way to say “thank you” or “I love you” than with random hugs, caressing and of course, some good ‘ole booty! Create ways to have uninterrupted, unplanned intimate moments at different times as your schedule allows. Schedule lunch dates during the day or even sex dates🤭🤭 when the children are at school or get them a babysitter. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with sending them to grandma’s house or paying a sitter just so you and your boo can have the house to yourself. Check into a hotel with bae nearby the business if you have to drive far so you can get home and back to the office in a timely manner.

You’re the freakin’ boss! Call in “sick” and take some time off to reconnect with bae. Do this regularly and you will not only balance your relationship, you will also be able to find balance in your life!

I so hope these tips help you and trust me I’m going to implement some of these in my own relationship! Quit holding out on the goods because what one woman won’t do, there’s a lonely chick in a bonnet dying to do it for you🤦🏾‍♀️ Take some time and get freaky with bae! It’s a helluva stress reliever too😂😂

Comment below what tip you plan to implement first and after you try it, come back and let us know how that worked out for you. XoXo💓

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