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If you didn’t know, it’s the year of the girl boss. There are so many hustles to choose from, that it’s literally insane. Hi, my name is Autumn Cheree aka Cheree Carter👋🏽 You made the right choice by clicking on my link to learn more about the ever growing tribe of Girl CEO’s. In 2019 and every year to come, the daily goal is to touch ✨new money honey✨ My vendor lists can surely help you do that.

I started selling things online way back in 2009 and have become very successful at it, which makes me a creditable source to give any new and upcoming boss babe some direction on starting and branding their own business and making a mark in her industry of choice.

The sunglasses business is popping right now especially with summer right around the corner!

Years and years ago, in order for you to start your own business, you would’ve had to pay hundreds of dollars to get exclusive vendor information to stock your stores. I wasn’t with paying those over priced jacked up costs because people wanted to keep everything a secret🙄 I was determined to come up on my own and get it out the mud, so I’d spend endless days without eating 😂 and sleepless nights with hardly any rest.

My goal was to dig and search for wholesale suppliers and cute trendy things to stock my store with. The good thing is, thanks to me and many others in my industry, the game has changed and you don’t have to do any of the scrolling & digging that we did.. I’ve done all the hard work for you and placed lucrative supplier information in affordable vendor lists and business guides starting as low as 10.99.

My prices are low because, I know what it feels like to have a dream and to want to do better for yourself, but just not having the money or direction to do so. Here at QueensRUs University a whole new lifestyle is right at your fingertips. All you have to do is answer opportunity when it calls. 

Nobody is saying quit your day job and jump off a bridge with your new business, but use your day job to fund your dreams until you never have to look back at payroll again! If you implement the tips and tricks I give you to online hustling, you can easily start off making $500 or more weekly. The ULTIMATE KEY is to stay consistent! I repeat consistency = currency! Whether you want to make some extra money or build a boss babe empire, QueensRUs University can help you do it!

You can get started TODAY building your empire! Click here to begin!


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