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When scaling your business in the fashion world it’s important to offer a variety of inventory to allow yourself more income. 

Here at QueensRUs we preach about niche’s & how to build your business by fueling your passions so, that’s why we’re going to focus on clothing niches for this week and the inventory that compliments your hustle.

When just starting off, you don’t have to have it all. 


Build your empire, have patience and watch it grow🙌🏽 We’re going to help you get started with our new Boss Talk Bundles😁

What you’ll receive: 

3 Full Vendors Lists





✨2 Gifts✨

✔️Fashion Boutique Checklist (not sold separately)

✔️Boutique Boss Study Hall


The reason I created this bundle is because you want to increase your income the best way you know how. If your passion is selling clothes then you should be upselling with items that compliment your main product.

Shoes and accessories go hand and hand with clothing. Usually if someone is buying clothing, they either already have the shoes to match or they’re going to go somewhere else to get a pair to match their new outfit if you don’t offer it. Don’t let your customers shop w/your competitors. Make sure you get all the coins, sis.

Be fashionably correct about the shoes and accessories you make available. Get shoes & accessories that compliment the colors you offer throughout your clothing. Bring in items that compliment each other because let’s face it, most people buying clothes aren’t very fashion forward and they look to you and your expertise to show them what looks good together.

You can pair things together through photo shoots, show other related items during the shopping experience and photo shopping pieces together on your social media pages. This should be FUN! It’s girly and you get to be creative!

Enjoy the hustle queen🤪

Oh & another thing… You’re going to hear me throw words around like dropshipping or bulk, so let me just tell you what that is right now. They are shipping & buying methods that you’ll need to decide on for your business. So, let’s talk about that 😏....

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  • I want to start selling clothes, shoes & accessories but I need help getting started, can you help with that? Please

    Amber Harris
  • Should I start with a course 1st before I dive into this? I really want to do dropshipping.

  • Want to start selling clothes with the matching shoes/ Purse’s. Can someone please point me in the right direction?

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