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The Ultimate Boss Babe Guide

The Ultimate Boss Babe Guide

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Being an entrepreneur can be liberating, empowering, and gives you a path to financial freedom. However, as easy as girl bosses might make it seem on Instagram, there’s a bit more work that goes into becoming sucessful.

The Ultimate Boss Babe Guide is a beginners e-book for the girl bosses who are starting or want to start their entrepreneurial journey. TUBBG does not discriminate when it comes to profession so this is for my lash techs, hair stylists, nail techs, boutique owners, skincare line owners, and more!

Through my 50 page E-Book I will be walking you through 5 steps in which I believe are essential for building the foundation of your business.

In addition to the content, there will be worksheets included with each chapter as well as affirmations and positive reinforcement. After all, we’re in this together!

Here's What's Included:
Chapter 1 🌸Finding Your Niche
Chapter 2 🌸Establish Your Brand
Chapter 3 🌸Business Foundations
Chapter 4 🌸Social Media Marketing
Chapter 5 🌸Affirmations, Goals, and Planning

✨10+ Worksheets✨
💰Step by Step On How To Register 4 Your EIN
💰Definitions and Business Terminology
💰State Website Links For Business Filings
💰Lifestyle Photos/Vision Boards

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