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Femdom Brats Workshop
Femdom Brats Workshop
Femdom Brats Workshop
Femdom Brats Workshop
Femdom Brats Workshop

Femdom Brats Workshop

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I know you’re probably thinking wowww this is so unprofessional! She’s got a girl with her middle finger up for her workshop😱

Well get used to it! Being a domme and being a brat who takes men’s money is exactly what this picture ensues! This is all about how you’ll get your money by telling men, “F*CK YOU PAY ME” and actually being adored for it🙃

It’s that simple or then again it’s not😏because if it was, you wouldn’t even need this training! After 4 years of being a successful domme I’m ready to bring in my fellow bosses because it’s time we get a piece of this money too!

All you need is a phone and a trusted way to collect money off your clients. With covid affecting everyone’s bag, this one here is for sure pandemic proof & is always a great way to get some extra funds QUICK!

In this workshop you’ll learn how to dominate men, how to talk and text their money right out their pockets in which they are ready and waiting and constantly searching for a dominant woman just like you to put them in their place.  They will love and adore you for taking over their wallet😇

Pre-Recorded Class Lessons:

✏️Sexting 4 Pay

✏️Phone Calls 4 Pay

✏️Selling Sexy Content

✏️Findom vs. Femdom

✏️Top Fetishes

✏️Platforms To Score Clients

✏️Where 2 Find Models Instead Of Your Face

& Much More!!!!

You're literally investing a small amount to start your new business that can carry you for a lifetime. Men love all ages 18 to grannies so there’s a client for EVERY woman, shape and size! 

✨Extra Homework✨

📌Listen In On My Live Calls

📌Client Script Building

📌Designing Client Applications

📌Task Game Creation 4 Extra Income

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