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Kissable Wholesale Lip Gloss

Kissable Wholesale Lip Gloss

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All handmade lip glosses are infused with vitamin e to keep the lips soft and buttery smoothšŸ˜

āœ…100% Vegan & Cruelty Free

āœ…Proven 2 Heal Dry Cracked Lips In 48 Hours

āš ļøAvailable Scentsāš ļø

ā€¢ Tropical Punch
ā€¢ Lemonade
ā€¢ Pomegranate
ā€¢ Pear
ā€¢ Peach
ā€¢ Pineapple
ā€¢ Orange
ā€¢ Strawberry
ā€¢ Peppermint
ā€¢ Orange Creme
ā€¢ Watermelon
ā€¢ Strawberry Kiwi
ā€¢ Green Apple
ā€¢ Cherry
ā€¢ Coconut
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